Write legislators to ask them to ask FERC to deny Tennessee Gas/Kinder Morgan’s application.

I sent the following text to Senators Gillibrand and Schumer and to Congressman Gibson. You may wish to use this text as a model to write immediately to these representatives. You can use the links below to get to send them a note through their webpage.


Subject: Ask FERC to deny Tennessee Gas/Kinder Morgan’s NED application with prejudice.
Regarding the Northeast Energy Direct interstate pipeline project (project CP 16-21), please send a letter to FERC, requesting that it deny Tennessee Gas/Kinder Morgan’s application with prejudice. Doing so would lend your further support to the written requests already made from several New Hampshire and Massachusetts Members of Congress (for example, Ann McLane Kuster) and Senators (for example, Kelly Ayotte) and of a large number of representatives of towns and counties in those states and in New York (Rensselaer County and the Town of Nassau).

As noted in Congresswoman Kuster’s May 9, 2016 letter to Chairman Bay:
“Kinder Morgan, Inc., the parent company of TGP, informed investors and the public on April 20, 2016 of the “suspension of all work and expenditures” on the NED project. Kinder Morgan’s announcement of indefinite suspension of the NED project was based on, among other things, the lack of contractual commitments and uncertainty surrounding state regulatory approvals. TGP’s request for approval hinged on a significant contractual commitment for the Market Path and the Supply path segments of the NED project from New England states and other market participants.
“Upon Kinder Morgan’s suspension announcement for the NED project, local distribution companies, such as National Grid and Liberty Utilities, have withdrawn their application in state regulatory proceedings for approval of NED contracts. The termination of contractual obligations to TGP by local distribution companies has withered the legal basis for the continuation of the NED project, and demonstrates that the project is not needed.
“Since the inception of the proposed NED pipeline, many constituents and small towns in my district have committed significant financial resources and time towards this proceeding that is before FERC, While Kinder Morgan has deemed the NED pipeline uneconomic and requested that FERC not take any further action in processing the application, local municipalities in my district are at a point where they must decide if additional financial resources are needed for legal representation during the proceeding. By dismissing the application with prejudice, FERC can provide these small municipalities with closure and certitude that will allow them to direct funding towards projects that will truly benefit their communities.”

These requests from political representatives support those of the citizenry, as expressed through such organizations as MASSPlan, NHPlan, and New York Stop Fracked Gas Pipeline.  As noted in Senator Ayotte’s May 6, 2016 letter to Chairman Bay:
“I write to call for prompt and full consideration of the New Hampshire Municipal Pipeline Coalition’s Motion to Dismiss the Tennessee Gas Pipeline
Company, L.L.C.’s(TGP) application for a certificate for its proposed Northeast Energy Direct (NED) pipeline project.
“The New Hampshire Municipal Pipeline Coalition contends that the required legal contractual commitments for pipeline capacity no longer exist as a result of actions taken by TGP and several local distribution companies. Furthermore, the Municipal Coalition makes a compelling argument that their taxpayers will continue to suffer harm for as long as the NED project remains in suspense.
“I urge the Commission to promptly address the Municipal Coalition’s Motion to Dismiss. As I have written in the past, I am troubled that the Commission’s process has failed to answer and address the comments and questions of all local residents and our congressional delegation in a detailed, transparent, and timely manner. This failure has compelled these Municipalities to expend valuable local tax dollars to employ experts, legal counsel, and engage in evidence collection. Because they had not received confirmation that the Commission’s process would protect their health, safety, and other local interests, they were obligated to do so.”

I thank you for your past opposition to this project; it is now time to terminate it.

Thank you for your consideration of my request.


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