What Can I Do?

For landowners whose property intersects with the pipeline route:
(See below for “Things anyone in the community can do to help:”)

1. Formally deny Kinder Morgan permission to survey your property

Kinder Morgan has probably already contacted you for permission to survey your property. They need this information to make a complete report to the Federal agencies involved in permitting their application, but you are not under any obligation to cooperate with them (your help may actually accelerate the process, limit your rights, and increase your liability moving forward). We strongly recommend that you deny them permission to survey your property (PDF) in writing and if you have already given them permission that you rescind your permission to survey your property (PDF). These letters may be filed with Kinder Morgan as well as the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and your local police station.

2. Question anyone entering your property related to pipeline survey work, etc.

Make them show you identification and state their business. Document this information (names, title, etc.) and report any suspicious activity. If you have denied them permission to enter your property verbally or in writing and they return, contact the police and document their trespassing. Although they may threaten you with Eminent Domain proceedings, etc., at this stage they have no legal right to enter your private property or do any work on your land without your explicit permission and cooperation.

3. Refuse to sign an easement with the gas company

We strongly recommend not signing an easement with the gas company. While Kinder Morgan may eventually get an easement through Eminent Domain (once they receive their permit, still at least 2 years away), landowners will be better served in terms of liability and financial compensation to force Kinder Morgan to go to court. Not cooperating will also prolong the process and make it more difficult to get the pipeline approved and built.

4. Download this memo, Lawyer’s Pipeline Memo for Landowners (PDF)

Things anyone in the community can do to help:

1. Display a SNYFGP sign on your lawn or make one of your own to show your opposition

2. Follow our accounts on the web, Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date on the latest developments and share our posts with your friends and followers

3. Register on the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Web site and submit your comments as part of Kinder Morgan’s pre-approval application under docket #CP16-21

Here’s a PDF with complete instructions.

4. Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper(s)

5. Contact your local, state and federal representatives and let them know you oppose the Northeast Energy Direct (NED) pipeline project and why

Here’s a list of New York officials for your reference (PDF). If you’d like help scheduling a meeting with your legislators, let us know. We may already be in touch with them.

6. Share your concerns with your neighbors, local businesses and community organizations

7. Offer to help the anti-pipeline group in your area or work with your family and friends to find ways to have an impact in your town

8. Donate money to SNYFGP (1409 Route 5, Canaan, NY 12029) or a group in your area

We are an all-volunteer organization of concerned local citizens and all expenses (sign printing, venue rentals, Web site hosting, etc.) come out of our own pockets.

Have a suggestion or want more information? Contact us at info@stopnypipeline.org

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