What a Fair!

The 2018 Renewable Energy and Sustainable Living Fair
was a big success

Community Advocates for Sustainable Energy (CASE) held its third annual Renewable Energy and Sustainable Living Fair (RESLF) on Saturday, October 20, 2018 at the Doane Stuart School in Rensselaer, NY. There was a 15% increase in the number of exhibitors from 2017 (53 in total), and a record 23 workshop presenters (giving 17 workshops). We also had the most attendees ever at the workshops. Although the halls seemed full of visitors most of the day, this year’s attendance was less than last year, forcing us to think whether holding the Fair at another venue in another part of the area may be needed next year. (If you have ideas or contacts at other possible venues, please let us know.)

Although all the bills have not come in yet, it appears that we spent about $6,000 to put on this year’s Fair and brought in about $7,000, giving us enough money to jump start next year’s Fair.  The combination of having community-minded exhibitors, motivated attendees and the many CASE volunteers (more than 30) resulted in not only a wonderful Fair, but after three such events, it does seem that our economic model of having a free public event is sustainable.

We had a variety of multi-media advertising and received some good press (Channel 13) and the Albany Times Union.

Doane Stuart School provided us with green roof tours, solar panels, and a cooperative staff.

There were close to 100 people attending our keynote speech given by geothermal expert Jay Egg at midday. Jay Egg’s warmth, humanity, knowledge and “down to earthiness” were a delight.

The Program Booklet (28 pages) was distributed widely and printed by a union shop on 30% recycled paper.

Indeed, the many positive results from this years’ Fair were made possible by the fantastic work of a dedicated core of volunteers throughout all the phases: planning, organizing, promoting, tabling, selling, cleaning up, other on-site work, etc.

You might want to look at:


Welcome. Step right up, sign in and get your program book.


Aztech Geothermal (along with 23 other for profit companies) tell customers about their product.
One of the 29 not-for-profit organizations educating visitors
The CASE food table sold home made food to nourish the crowd.

One of the 17 workshops offered throughout the day.


Ken Stokem gives introductions to the midday keynote address in the chapel.


Geothermal Energy expert Jay Egg gives keynote address
The People of Albany United for Safe Energy (PAUSE) helped us organize a Zero Waste event
Congressman Tonko has come to our fair every year.
A fleet of electric vehicles from the Capital District Electric Vehicles Club showed visitors their cars, discussed their experiences driving electric vehicles and gave people rides in their cars

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