We won! Kinder Morgan Suspends Northeast Energy Direct Pipeline

We did it!!! Congratulations to us all!!

Kinder Morgan just suspended the Northeast Energy Direct Pipeline. They say it is due to insufficient sales commitments. But we think that is only a part of the story. WE are the other part.

Congratulations to everyone who has taken part in this fight. We will keep our antennae up for any further word about this project. We will plan a party to celebrate our win! Stay tuned.

But we must remember that there are still lots of gas and oil pipelines in the process of getting permitted. We must continue to try to stop these other pipelines.

So let’s celebrate with a few phone calls this week.

Only 6 days, at most, until the 401 Water Quality Certificate for the Constitution Pipeline is announced.

Please phone 877-235-6537 every day this week to say any or all of the following:
– Use your power to DENY the 401 water quality certificate.
– Cutting down 700,000 trees on 35 miles of steep slopes will lead to disaster for our waterways.
– The company wants to trench through hundreds of streams and wetlands, which would degrade our water and destroy the forest ecosystems.
– The NW Catskills are prone to extreme weather events. There have been three 100-year storms in the past 10 years. The pipeline would create a new pathway for raging waters and debris into the valleys where towns are located.
– No eminent domain for private profit.”
If the lines are busy or if you’re shy you can leave a voice message.  

Kinder Morgan just released this statement…

Kinder Morgan Statement on Northeast Direct Energy project As a result of inadequate capacity commitments from prospective customers, Kinder Morgan, Inc., (NYSE: KMI) and its subsidiary, Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company (TGP), have suspended further work and expenditures on the Northeast Energy Direct (NED) project. In July 2015, KMI’s board announced that it had authorized TGP to proceed with the project’s “market path” segment from Wright, New York, to Dracut, Massachusetts, a $3.3 billion investment designed to help alleviate New England’s uniquely high natural gas and electricity costs caused by severely limited natural gas transportation capacity currently serving the region.

The board’s initial approval was based on existing contractual commitments at the time by local gas distribution companies (LDCs) to purchase natural gas from the project, as well as expected commitments from additional LDCs, electric distribution companies (EDCs), and other market participants in New England. Unfortunately, despite working for more than two years and expending substantial shareholder resources, TGP did not receive the additional commitments it expected. As a result, there are currently neither sufficient volumes, nor a reasonable expectation of securing them, to proceed with the project as it is currently configured.

The insufficient contracted capacity is due to several factors. They include the fact that the New England states have not yet established regulatory procedures to facilitate binding EDC commitments, that the process in each state for establishing such procedures is open-ended, and that the ultimate success of those processes is not assured. In addition, innovations in production have resulted in a low-price environment that, while good for consumers, has made it difficult for producers to make new long term commitments. Further, current market conditions and counter-party financial instability have called into question TGP’s ability to secure incremental supply for the project.

Given these market conditions, continuing to develop the project is not an acceptable use of shareholder funds. TGP has operated in New England for more than 60 years and remains committed to meeting the critical need for constructing additional natural gas infrastructure in the region. Although we have suspended work and further expenditures on the NED project, TGP will continue to work with customers to explore alternative solutions to address their needs, particularly local distribution companies that are unable to fully serve consumers and businesses in their areas because of the lack of access to abundant, low-cost domestic natural gas.

Here is a statement from SNYFGP

The massive fracked gas pipeline proposal that pipeline company Kinder Morgan/Tennessee Gas Pipeline planned for the Northeast has been officially “SUSPENDED”.

“Stop NY Fracked Gas Pipeline” (SNYFGP) a grassroots group formed over two years ago in opposition to this project, has confirmed this news with several sources. In addition, SNYFGP has seen an official looking document on Kinder Morgan’s letterhead that explained the reasons for the NED’s suspension.

Our opinion from the beginning was that KM/TGP wouldn’t succeed primarily because of current market forces that made gas prices plummet and that made KM/TGP stock price plummet as a result. We believe that this reality, combined with fierce, cumulative and cohesive public opposition in New Hampshire, Massachusetts and New York, was the final straw that broke KM/TGP’s back.

This could not have happened without the combined work of so many organizations and individuals along the proposed NED pipeline. SNYFGP would like to thank our mentors Rosemary Wessell, founder of “No Fracked Gas In Mass,” Jane Winn, executive director of  “Berkshire Environmental Action Team,” and “Stop the Pipeline” organization fighting the Constitution Pipeline.

The educational model that SNYFGP created resulted in building support from local towns, county, state and federal legislators, culminating in Congressman Gibson, New York State Senators Gillibrand and Schumer publicly opposing the NED.

Last, but not least, special thanks go to the many, many hundreds of tireless members of SNYFGP who have done the canvassing, distribution of flyers, made phone calls, placed lawn signs, and assisted with the fourteen educational public forums held throughout Columbia, Rensselaer, and Albany Counties.

But its important to remember that although this project has been suspended there are many other pipeline projects that are still continuing in New York State and beyond. We must bring the forces we brought to defeat the NED to many of these other projects.

On a personal level, both Becky Meier and myself, the co-founders of SNYFGP, have a great sense of relief and joy that we can now start a new chapter in our lives.  Our plans include, but are not limited to, fostering the growth of renewable energy, efficiency and conservation. Maybe we’ll have time to just relax.

The apparent demise of the unneeded and unsafe NED project is another nail in the coffin for fossil fuel usage in the USA and beyond. We hope we are witnessing the very end of the stranglehold on energy supplies by the fossil fuel industry and experiencing the beginning of a safer, saner energy future.

Submitted by,
Bob Connors & Becky Meier
co-founders of Stop NY Fracked Gas Pipeline
1409 County Route 5
Canaan, NY 12029

Other news stories about the KM suspension:

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