The Local Waterfront Revitalization Plan (LWRP) of Schodack and Castleton

  • The Town of Schodack and the Village of Castleton have an opportunity to be formally involved in the review of any FERC approval (or any other Federal project) of the NED Pipeline project (or any other similar project) that is unique to these towns.  Through the federal Coastal Zone Management Act of 1972, the NYS Department of State has to approve anything which involves the Hudson River in these two towns. The towns of Schodack and Castleton are part of this Department of State review process through its Local Riverfront Revitalization Plan (LWRP)
  • The Schodack/Casteton’s LWRP has been inactive since the mid-1990s, and needs to get a new LWRP committee up and running to be part of the Federal project review process, as well as their primary task of helping revitalize the Hudson River waterfront.  The committee will consist of four people appointed by the Schodack Town Board, four people appointed by the Castleton Village Board, and the committee chair appointed jointly by the Castleton Mayor and Schodack Supervisor.  The new Mayor of Castleton and village trustee got elected in March on the issue of working to revitalize the waterfront in the village, so the village is moving full steam ahead in getting their committee members appointed.
  • What we would like to do is have any Schodack residents on this mailing list make contact with their Town Board members, and push them to get this committee up and running ASAP.  Any communication you have with them encouraging them to move the committee appointment process along will be good.
  • Here are a few points you can use in communications with the board
    • Please create the LWRP committee so that they can be appointed and start their work after your May or June Town Board meeting.
    • Please nominate committee members that have experience and expertise in various fields that would help this LWRP be successful, such as:
      a.      Professional experience in recreation and business planning & development, government or non-profit organizations involved in similar fields.
      b.      Professional experience in aquatic and environmental related issues like marine biology, geology, environmental science and engineering.
      c.      Member(s) of the Friends of Schodack Island State Park.
      d.      Member(s) of the Schodack Planning and Development Association.
      e.      Community members that have been active in working towards helping maintain or progress the Hudson River waterfront and/or the Village of Castleton in past years.
      f.      Community members that have been active in working towards defeating the NED Pipeline.
    • Town Board Member       Tracey Rex
    • Town Board Member       Mike Kenney
    • Town Board Member       Scott Swartz
    • Town Board Member       Jim Bult
    • Town Supervisor         Dennis Dowds
  •  Please stay engaged in the LWRP process, to ensure there are no delays in getting this committee appointed, and starting their work.
  • Attend Schodack Town Board meetings to make your concerns known. Next meeting, Thursday, April 28, 2016, Town Hall, 265 Schuurman Rd., Castleton, NY 12033, (518) 477-7918
  •  If you have any ideas for potential candidates that would be willing to put in the hours needed and are willing to serve on this committee, please share those people’s names with SNYFGP, so that we can promote their potential service as well.

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