SNYFGP Newsletter 2-27-17

SNYFGP Meeting
Tuesday, March 7, 2017, 6:30 pm
East Greenbush Community Library
10 Community Way
East Greenbush, NY 12061
  1. Welcome and Introductions
  2. SNYFGP Upcoming Actions: April 5 Mark Lowery Presentation, People’s Climate March
  3. Pilgrim Pipeline Scoping Comments (what you can do)
  4. Intro to Facebook and Twitter (how to use them to increase your anti-fossil fuel effectiveness)
  5. Summary and next meetings

The New York Way

a wonderful 10 minute overview of pipeline infrastructure in New York
that you will want to share with others

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Ultimately a moral imperative to both Cuomo and individual citizens to live up to New York’s espoused values of doing the right thing and leading the rest of the country, “The New York Way” is a short environmental documentary that also illustrates the current State Administration’s disconnect between rhetoric and action, and their blind spot when it comes to the serious public health and environmental risks and impacts of fracking infrastructure.

This film belongs to ALL New Yorkers who prefer clean air and water over everything else. Please help us come together to make our state safer now and secure in the future. Share this film. Call the Governor and tell him to Complete the Fracking Ban. Find a group of fellow New Yorkers working on this near you and get involved.

Notes from filmmaker Christine Macpherson

How I got involved: A few days after moving from Albany to Rensselaer County two years ago, I learned that a 91K HP fracked gas compressor station was being proposed to be built about 1 mile from my new home, as part of Kinder Morgan’s Northeast Energy Direct (NED) pipeline project. You can bet I was sincerely shocked and wondered how this could be possible, given our celebrated fracking ban? Luckily a lot of people in the area were already well-organized fighting NED, led by Stop New York Fracked Gas Pipeline. I got involved in their fight and decided to make a short film about our community’s fight against the compressor station, called Complete It Cuomo. In the process of fighting our local project, I met more and more New Yorkers from around the state that were in the same boat. Once the NED was cancelled it seemed impossible to just forget about the fights they were still fighting, so I have stayed involved.

It is obvious to most New Yorkers that industry rules over the little guy. This is the reality of the “New York Way”—corruption in Albany sticking it the little guy for centuries while big businesses and politicians enjoy the benefits of that model. What is less obvious is a collective sense of what that really means for everyday people. I wanted to try to tell that story (in the context of the incomplete fracking ban) because I don’t believe most New Yorkers even know this huge fracked oil and gas build-out is going on.

But the positive vision of the “New York Way” is also reality—which Cuomo himself describes in the film. Being resilient, honest, and helpful to others—taking care of each other, and deeply appreciating the natural beauty of New York. That’s what the majority of New Yorkers are doing every day. So I also hoped to inspire people who may not have gotten involved in an issue before to believe that the positive aspects of our sense of identity as New Yorkers matter, and that their civic participation can actually have an impact.

What I hoped to accomplish with this film is not only telling the story of the thousands of New Yorkers still on the hook when it comes to fracking but to offer some basic questions for all New Yorkers to consider: Are we okay with being “a people” who won’t demand more of our Governor when positions himself as an environmental and climate change hero while letting thousands be poisoned? What does leadership mean and how can we lead as individuals to create collective change? What does community mean and how far does your community extend? Are you willing to go out of your comfort zone to help out your fellow New Yorkers?

I also wanted to challenge the Governor directly to live up to the ideology he expresses regularly. This is a moral problem. But not just on Cuomo—on all of us. If we don’t account for each other and take responsibility for each other, then we won’t be able to hold our governors, senators, and presidents accountable either. It’s a two way street. We cannot let these communities and our state be poisoned so others can merely profit. We must do whatever it takes to stop it. Plain and simple.

I hope people will use the film as a tool. Share it outside the circles of activism and environmentalism. We all know Cuomo has political aspirations and that he will be pointing to his successes as a state leader as he tries to pursue the next level of leadership. Let’s make sure we hold him accountable for protecting all New Yorkers’ basic health and safety.

Unique Opportunity To Stop
Fracked Gas Pipelines
Being Approved by FERC

FERC does not currently have a quorum of Commissioners. Without a quorum FERC cannot issue Certificates of Public Convenience and Necessity to natural gas infrastructure projects. This is a good time to to forestall the nomination and approval process  for new commissioners and investigate the abuses of the FERC process.

Unfortunately Congressman Tonko just wrote President Trump a letter (along with others) asking him to speed up the process of approving new FERC Commissioners. See Riverkeeper’s fuller explanation here.

Call and/or Write Congressman Tonko

to express your disappointment that he made this request Tell him that rather than advocating for the installation of new FERC Commissioners, he should get Congress to hold hearings investigating the abuses of power and law inflicted by FERC and identifying, and putting in place, much needed reforms.  Once the reforms are in place, it will be appropriate to consider FERC Commissioner appointments – but not until that time.
Congressman Tonko: Washington (202) 225-5076 Albany (518) 465-0700
To send an email, click here.

Save the EPA!! Oppose HR 861
Sign this petition and…

Congressman Faso: Washington, (202) 225-5614, Kinderhook (518) 610-8133,
Congressman Tonko: Washington (202) 225-5076 Albany (518) 465-0700

Any attempt to eliminate the EPA would irreparably harm our health and communities.

We depend on the EPA to protect our air, water and climate from harm. Without them, not only would it become open season on the environment for big polluters, but you would eliminate even the most basic of programs like grants to clean up brownfields and Superfund sites.

They also perform the most basic of functions like monitoring air quality in our communities, ensuring our water is safe to drink, and enforcing protections from industrial discharge of toxic water pollution. They protect our air from increased emissions of mercury, arsenic, lead, soot, and the pollution that causes smog.

When EPA oversight is lax, or eliminated, we can expect more incidents like the Flint water crisis or disputes between states when fugitive emissions cross state lines.

The EPA is an essential part of our government that was founded with bipartisan support and remains popular across the country. Oppose this and any other action which undermines EPA’s ability to protect public health.

Divest from the Dakota Access Pipeline
Sign this petition

TO: Executives at Wells Fargo, BNP Paribas, SunTrust, The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Mizuho, Citibank, TD Securities, Credit Agricole, Intesa SanPaolo, ING, Natixis, BayernLB, BBVA Securities, ICBC London, SMBC, Societe General

Divest from the Dakota Access Pipeline

I strongly object to your investment in the Dakota Access pipeline. It is a dangerous and unjust oil pipeline that threatens public health, water supply, and cultural resources, and violates sacred land rights of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe.

Please clarify if the funds you have invested are being used in any way to support the heavily militarized response to the Standing Rock Sioux protests. I also urge you to immediately give up your financial stake in the Dakota Access pipeline.

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