Overview of Pilgrim’s Proposed Pipelines

Overview from Coalition Against Pilgrim Pipelines (CAPP): https://stoppilgrimpipeline.com/

Pilgrim’s Proposed Pipelines …


  • Two parallel pipelines, 170 miles each,  between Albany, NY and  Linden, NJ; plus over 12 miles of single-pipe lateral lines.
  • Bakken shale oil would be sent south; refined products (including kerosene) would be sent north.
  • November 18, 2015 update: Pilgrim has filed for permits in New York.  You can see their NY filing documents here.  See our press release in response here.


  • Crossing 5 N.J counties, 6 N.Y counties, 30 N.J. towns, 25 N.Y. municipalities, & environmentally fragile areas/sources for water.  See the maps here.
  • Much of route would use existing utility or highway rights-of-way, but additional tracts required.


  • Pilgrim Pipeline Holdings, LLC is led by 4 oil industry executives, including two former Koch Industries, Inc. managers.
  • It receives financial support from parent corporation Ares Management, L.P.
  • Pilgrim outsources all planning, design, engineering and construction work.
  • For more details, see the Finance page.
  • See Pilgrim representatives in a rare public appearance here.

Click here to see a detailed Q&A on our FAQs page

  • Major impact on environment, public health and property values.
  • Communities bear all of the burden along the path.
    No upside, only negatives. Emergency response. Property values. Construction traffic.
  • Cements regional reliance on risky fossil fuel and oil infrastructure.
    Susceptible to corrosion and leakage problems.
  • Transported products dangerous to humans and environment.
    Bakken shale oil is highly volatile, involved in many accidents.
  • Damaging effects on urban communities and open spaces through which it would pass.
    Areas include the Hudson Valley, Catskills, NY/NJ Highlands.
  • Could see wetlands destroyed, critical habitats leveled and impact to waterways.
    Endangered and threatened species affected. More erosion due to construction.
  • Leaks threaten the water supply for our homes, businesses, and schools.
  • Federal inspection/regulation insufficient.
    Only 188 Federal  and 340 State inspectors oversee 2.6 million miles of pipeline. Only 1/5th has been inspected in the past 8 years.
  • Shale oil fracking has harmful impact. Contributes to climate change crisis.
    Water depletion, toxic air emissions, waste-water, methane release.
  • Pilgrim’s claims about job creation are inflated and not credible.
  • See a point-by-point rebuttal to Pilgrim’s claims here.


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