Over 500 attend FERC Scoping Hearings in Castleton-on-Hudson July 14 and 15, 2015

2015-07-14 19.22.12

On two beautiful summer evenings over 500 people came to Birch Hills Catering to give statements to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission about the proposed Northeast Energy Direct (NED) Project. About 60 people came from local unions to express their approval of the pipeline because of the jobs they hope it will provide their members. About 440 people came to express their disapproval of the project for a myriad of reasons. People were allowed to make 3 minute statements and submit longer statements. Most speakers live near the proposed pipeline. Residents spoke about their many concerns including concerns about the safety of the pipeline, its health effects, its effects on land, water and soil, the less stringent safety standards allowed in rural areas, lowering property values, the sound and light of the compressor station, the effects on the Hudson River which it will cross under, the impact on organic farms, the disruption to a rural way of life, the lack of any benefit to local residents, the probable export of the gas, whether there is a true need for this gas, the imposition of eminent domain on residents unwilling to give the company an easement, the frustration with the process, the inadequacy of the company’s Resource Reports and many more.

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