New Resource Reports for the NED

On July 24, 2015, Kinder Morgan / Tennessee Gas Pipeline finally released their long awaited Draft Environmental Report. Having previously been anticipated for a June release, this report is now landing directly in the middle of the FERC Scoping Meeting Schedule, after multiple hearings have already happened in Pennsylvania and New York, and only 4 days before hearings in Massachusetts and New Hampshire start.

This puts people all along the pipeline route at disadvantage in two ways: Those in PA & NY who have had hearings already weren’t allowed the opportunity to comment on the new information and those in MA & NH only have 4 days to absorb and analyze thousands of pages of new documents.

The 79 volumes of information over 6571 pages of maps, tables and technical drawings also still contain alarming holes, like a Horizontal Directional Drill Plan that consists of four pages containing one sentence; “Site-specific horizontal directional drill plans will be provided in the final ER.”  As individuals all along the pipeline route start to chip away at the mountain of paperwork, the same sort of gross errors and words and tables merely posing as information with “TBD” where data should be are starting to surface.

This filing has proven even more clearly that the only fair recourse would be to postpone the remainder of the FERC Scoping Meetings and the Massachusetts Energy Facility Siting Board hearings until all stakeholders, including elected town and state officials and the hundreds of thousands of people along the pipeline route and in affected communities, have sufficient time to review this untimely submission by Kinder Morgan. The Scoping Hearings that have already occurred in Pennsylvania and New York will need to be rescheduled as well, to give the people a proper chance to speak on the project as it is NOW defined.


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