Health Impacts of a Compressor Station

Upwards of 400 people crowded into the Burden Lake Country Club, in Averill Park, NY on Wednesday evening, September 30th to hear Doctor Sheila Bushkin-Bedient make a presentation about the Health Impacts of Living Within 10 Miles of a Compressor Station. People who arrived 5 minutes before the presentation had to park way out on the road since the parking lot of 250 cars was full. Some people even decided to drive back home. Terry Nord, of Save Burden Lake, fired up the crowd with calls to action. Sheila explained what was involved in Natural Gas infrastructure. She then talked about the chemicals that accompany the methane throughout the infrastructure and the health impacts of each chemical.  The chemicals included volatile organic compounds (VOCs) (which includes methane, benzene, and tulene) formaldehyde, hydrogen sulfides, and radon. he effects of these chemicals include, burning eyes, resistant skin rashes, serious nosebleeds, miscarriages, fertility problems, asthma, and low birth weight.

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