FERC Scoping Hearing in Pittsfield, Tuesday, July 28, 7 pm

FERC’s Scoping Hearings are an opportunity for us to tell FERC how the Northeast Energy Direct Pipeline project (NED) will impact our lives, homes, communities, towns and environment. This is our opportunity to tell FERC how the pipeline and compressor station will impact us and almost everything around us – water use and quality, health, fisheries, vegetation, wildlife, cultural resources, agriculture, farms, soils, land use, recreation, aesthetics, air and noise quality, security and reliability, historic sites, and more. The Pennsylvania and NY Scoping Hearings happened earlier this month.

The first Massachusetts Scoping Hearings will be held at Taconic High School, 96 Valentine Road, Pittsfield, MA 01201

The Hearings begin at 7 pm. FERC starts signing people in to speak at 6 pm.  First come, first speak. The hearings will usually go until midnight. Each person generally has 3 minutes to speak, but is able to hand in written testimony or mail it in before August 30, 2015.

At other Scoping Hearings in New York, a local Laborers Union was present and came early to sign up for the first slots. So if you’d like to speak early, you may want to arrive at 5:30 pm.

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