Now Or Never: Please Contact The DEC Today


An impassioned plea from our friend Val Dudley at Stop The Pipeline. Please take a few moments right now to help fight the Constitution pipeline project, which, if built, will lay the groundwork for the construction of the Northeast Energy Direct (NED) project in our area. 

This is the last weekend to submit a comment to the DEC via the Stop the Pipeline website. The final deadline is Friday, Feb. 27th.

I am sending out this email to ask one last time for your help.  Cindy and I live a mile from the proposed Constitution Pipeline—a second pipeline is already gearing up to be collocated alongside it, so that would be two pipelines a mile from our house. Where these pipelines are buried should not matter, but anything that will motivate you to help us.

Consider these things:

  • The DEC is listening – FERC did not listen to a word of our hundreds of intelligent and persuasive comments, but the NY Department of Environmental Conservation is a whole different bird. They can stop this project dead in its path by denying the 401 Water Quality Permit. Let’s make them do it!
  • One pipeline leads to another – if the Constitution is built it will become a right-of-way for a second pipeline that is planning to file in September and begin construction just a year after Constitution—this is not theory. The second pipeline is located along the Constitution route and then continues along New York to Massachusetts and New Hampshire. What after that? Possibly factories that want to benefit from the gas, such as plastics factories. Definitely more compressor stations. It’s hard to think about but it will happen anyway.

I am imploring you—begging you —demanding you get on the Stop the Pipeline website and write a comment this weekend if you can. The deadline is next Friday. It does not matter if you live in the area or state. Get anyone and everyone you know to write one.

Your comment can be short—one paragraph. On our website are all the facts you need in bullet points and sample letters.

Get your outrage on and do it. Do it for us, do it for New York, do it for fish, do it for water, do it for the planet. Do it now. Every comment counts. We want to flood the DEC with comments. We are bringing them to Albany and holding a press conference and we are going to stop this pipeline. With our without you.

Tell the DEC to DENY the 401 Water Quality Permit for the Constitution Pipeline.


Thank you,

Val Dudley

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