Consider heating and cooling with Geothermal Energy

Save Money and the Planet
Great Deal on Geothermal Heating and Cooling

Stop NY Fracked Gas Pipeline is promoting a good deal on an investment in geothermal energy. You can save money and help our planet. A company named Dandelion (which is an offshoot from Google) is working with Aztech Geothermal (from Ballston Spa, NY) to offer a special deal on geothermal heating and cooling installations. Google has developed a “better” way to drill vertically (which is less disturbing to your property than horizontal drilling) to install a geothermal system. They have developed a way to bring down the price so that they can help to promote this renewable way of home heating and cooling. They have decided to pilot this new project here in New England and have partnered with Aztech Geothermal who will be installing the system.

Therefore, if you:

  • own your home
  • it is a single family home
  • heat with oil
  • have forced hot air ducting
  • and (if you want their special financing) have a credit rating of 650 or higher

Dandelion will install a geothermal heating and cooling system at your home for $20,000 or $180/month for 20 years (this represents a loan of $20,000 at 5% interest), which may be equal or less than what you are now spending on heating and cooling your home and hot water.

If you fit the criteria above and are interested in having someone come to your house and let you know if and how this could work at your home, please contact Katie Ullman at and let her know that you heard about this from Stop NY Fracked Gas Pipeline. (They will give you a discount and us a contribution.)

We have been in contact with Aztech Geothermal for several years now and are very impressed with their work and their ethics. They get excellent references, have been active in the movement to promote renewable energy, and have incredible expertise. They recently made a presentation about Geothermal Energy at a SNYFGP presentation. After the presentation we decided to promote this deal from Dandelion. We were pleasantly surprised when they offered a $500 discount to anyone we referred, along with a $500 donation to SNYFGP. This will help us fund our upcoming Renewable Energy Fair and other promotions of renewable energy and actions to help stop fossil fuel infrastructure.  So please be sure to let them know that you were referred by SNYFGP.  Thanks!

If you don’t fit this criteria, you could still switch to geothermal energy, but it will probably cost more. If you’d like to explore this possibility, please contact Chris Winckler at Aztech: 885-5383

Click here for an explanation of geothermal heating (and cooling). But, in a nutshell, they install tubes with water underground next to your house. In our area the temperature underground is at a constant 54 degree temperature. This ground temperature heats the water to 54 degrees which is then brought up into your home and heated to your desired temperature (heating or cooling) using a heat pump and then distributed via hot air through ducts to the rooms of your home.  Because the heat pump is only heating or cooling from a 54 degree temperature, it is less work than heating or cooling from the outside air temperature. I have also attached a PowerPoint presentation that John Ciovacco, the president of Aztech Geothermal, gave on June 7th aout geothermal energy.

The heat pump will increase your monthly electric bill, but considerably less than what you will save in oil and hot water costs. And you will also be contributing less carbon dioxide into our environment from the burning of fossil fuels. If you have solar panels (on your home or in a solar farm) than you can feel even better about your carbon footprint.

This is a special project of Dandelion’s. They are hoping that by making it more affordable, more people will take advantage of this technology and we can reduce our use of fossil fuels and keep our planet cleaner. Although a lot of attention has been paid to solar and wind energy which is used to produce our electricity, little attention has been paid to making our heating and cooling renewable. At the moment geothermal energy is the best way to heat and cool renewably. So we should start paying more attention to this aspect of reducing fossil fuel use.

Please feel free to pass this on to anyone else you think might be interested or contact us if you have any other questions.


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