Come to Schodack Town Board Meeting 4-13-16, 7 pm, Maple Hill High School

SNYFGP is seeking members/volunteers who will attend the Schodack Town Board hosted public meeting at Maple Hill High School, 1216 Maple Hill Road, Castleton-on-Hudson, New York 12033. You do not need to be from Schodack to attend or to volunteer to assist us with this event.

The letter from that Town Board sent out communicating about the NED, compressor station and this meeting can be seen by clicking here.

Note that the Schodack letter is relatively bland, although it does reference the opposition of the Town Board to the NED.

The “experts” that the Schodack Supervisor selected for this meeting are from the Berkshire Regional Planning Commission(BRPC). The law firm advising BRPA is BCK out of Boston, which is a firm that specializes in pipeline matters.

SNYFGP does not have confidence that the chosen BRPA “experts” will reflect all our concerns at this meeting.

Therefore, SNYFGP wants to locate a number of our volunteers in the audience to ask specific questions from a list compiled by Lisa Zimmerman.

Lisa is pairing questions from the list with volunteers who have or are willing to gain some grounded background on the listed questions.

If you feel that you would like to pose one of these questions at the Schodack meeting, please see the attached list and contact Lisa Zimmerman to determine if your selected question(s) is still available for you to ask. Email Lisa at

If you have your own question that you wish to ask that is not on the list, that may be good, too. However, it would be helpful to coordinate that question with Lisa by emailing Lisa at:

SNYFGP would like to pass out SNYFGP flyers at the entrance way to MHHS.

We feel that the Town Board letter to all Schodack residents will bring out people that we have yet to meet. Therefore, we want to provide them with SNYFGP information and a means to connect with us. We do not want attendees to rely solely on what they are told by the BRPC experts and the Schodack Town Board.

If you are available to pass out flyers between 6:15pm to 7:30 pm to catch early and late arrivers, your aid is needed. You do not have to do this for the full length of time. Show up as close to 6:15 as you can an jump in and help us.

We also need clipboards and people to circulate clipboards through the rows of seats to gather contact information for attendees. If you have a clipboard, please bring it. You should paste your name to it to help in getting it back to you.

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