Clean Energy Communities Program

Hi Becky,

Thank you for your call yesterday, it was great chatting with you about the Clean Energy Communities Program and the host of opportunities and resources available to local governments and communities.

Below and attached are some resources that are helpful in getting a feel for the structure of the Program as well as the funding and free technical assistance that’s available to help communities access clean energy, reduce operating costs, and make their way through the Program:

  • Introductory Presentation (attached) – This gives a basic introductory overview of the Program, and points to additional resources available on the Program.
  • Guidance Document (attached) – This is the technical document that reviews the requirements of the Program.
  • Clean Energy Communities Program Website ( – This is the NYSERDA website on the Clean Energy Communities Program.  It includes relevant links, templates, and toolkits for all of the High-Impact Actions.
As you may know, the Clean Energy Communities Program was officially launched in August, and there has been a good amount of interest since then.  There are a handful of communities in Columbia County that are currently receiving assistance to participate and implement High-Impact Actions.  The great thing about this Program is that it affords opportunity to all different types of communities – there are larger cities and counties that have been active as well as a number of smaller towns and villages.
Please feel free to pass this email along to anyone who you think might be interested.  If appropriate, I would be happy to come when convenient and introduce the Program to the Town Board or local volunteer committees for their consideration.
Thank you, and please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or if I can be of assistance in any way.
Best regards,

Robyn M. Reynolds

Senior Planner
Capital District Regional Planning Commission
One Park Place, Suite 102
Albany, NY 12205
Phone: (518) 453 – 0850

Click here for full description of the Clean Energy Communities Program.

Click here for a Powerpoint about the Program.

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